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Re: Fixes for Mac OS X/x86 building/running

On 12 Mar 2009, at 19:40, Joel Brobecker wrote:

Less cursory testing shows that it doesn't work fine. The problem is

I recommend that you discuss this issue on gdb@ rather than the Archer list, because the port originates from GDB, not Archer:

I checked my GDB cvs checkout and could not find any trace of gdb/ machoread.c nor of gdb/darwin-nat.c. That's why I thought it was Archer-specific. But now I do see that it's mentioned in the Changelog file. Apparently, because I started my cvs checkout from a tbz source snapshot, I had some kind of sticky tag. I've now done a "cvs up -A", and now I have the file. Sorry for the trouble.

I think you have
more chances of reaching some developers that know a little more about
MacOS. The author of the MacOS port is Tristan Gingold, and I'm not sure
he's either on gdb@ or archer@, so I'd recommend CC'ing him in your
report (gingold /AT/

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

The reviewer was Stan Shebs, who used
to work at Apple...

Yes, I remember him. He used to their main GCC guy, if I remember correctly (or at least the most vocal one :)

PS: I'll take a look at your first patch in a moment, and I expect to
be able to approve it for inclusion in the FSF tree.



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