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Re: [python] Packacking - Python scripts directories

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

Jan> while rpm-packaging [python] branch into Archer I found there is
Jan> IMO incorrect placement of the Python scripts.

Jan> describes it should be placed in
Jan>   /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gdb

Yeah, this would be fine by me.

Jan> --with-gdb-pythondir and `maint set gdb_pythondir' should be new
Jan> (IMO the GDB style would be more like `maint set python-directory'.)

Sounds fine.

Jan> As gdb.pythonlibdir is now the same as the system Python modules
Jan> directory it can be IMO removed.  (I do not understand why
Jan> `import' with some error-catching is not used instead of locating
Jan> the include file in the code and using execfile() which IMO does
Jan> not provide the modules namespaces.)

I think the issue here is that we make the "gdb" module internally,
then play games to get python to understand that it can satisfy future
imports by reading from that directory.

If there's a better way, let's do it.

Jan> There are some remaining issue i do not have opinion on
Jan> (relocatability of the Python directories).

Yeah.  We have to preserve relocatability because various other
gdb-using groups want it.

I think the default setup should be to install the python scripts
somewhere under $prefix, then have a separate option to tell configure
to find the system python directory and use that instead.

Jan> Checked-in
Jan> [archer-jankratochvil-python] ebd9eefcf0e56102c40cfd104eb1c290526b3f51 which

We're going to have to clear up this distinction with multiple
branches.  I don't want us to lose changes due to branch confusion.

What if I merge master->archer-tromey-python again and we switch to that?


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