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[python] Make gdb.Value.string accept keyword arguments.



	* python/python-value.c (valpy_string): Accept keyword
	arguments as well.
	(value_object_methods): Change `string' entry to also accept
	keyword arguments.

	* gdb.texinfo (Values From Inferior): Fix optional arguments
 gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo       |    2 +-
 gdb/python/python-value.c |   16 ++++++++++------
 2 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo b/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo
index 7ec2550..67c0ae3 100644
--- a/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo
+++ b/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo
@@ -18431,7 +18431,7 @@ The result @code{bar} will be a @code{gdb.Value} object holding the
 value pointed to by @code{foo}.
 @end defmethod
-@defmethod Value string @r{[}encoding @r{[}errors@r{]}@r{]}
+@defmethod Value string @r{[}encoding@r{]} @r{[}errors@r{]}
 If this @code{gdb.Value} represents a string, then this method
 converts the contents to a Python string.  Otherwise, this method will
 throw an exception.
diff --git a/gdb/python/python-value.c b/gdb/python/python-value.c
index ca29f46..de54b9d 100644
--- a/gdb/python/python-value.c
+++ b/gdb/python/python-value.c
@@ -155,10 +155,11 @@ valpy_type (PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
   return type_to_type_object (value_type (value));
-/* Return Unicode string with value contents (assumed to be encoded in the
-   target's charset).  */
+/* Implementation of gdb.Value.string ([encoding] [, errors]) -> string
+   Return Unicode string with value contents.  If ENCODING is not given,
+   the string is assumed to be encoded in the target's charset.  */
 static PyObject *
-valpy_string (PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
+valpy_string (PyObject *self, PyObject *args, PyObject *kw)
   int length, ret = 0;
   gdb_byte *buffer;
@@ -169,8 +170,10 @@ valpy_string (PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
   const char *errors = NULL;
   const char *user_encoding = NULL;
   const char *la_encoding = NULL;
+  static char *keywords[] = { "encoding", "errors" };
-  if (!PyArg_ParseTuple (args, "|ss", &user_encoding, &errors))
+  if (!PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords (args, kw, "|ss", keywords,
+				    &user_encoding, &errors))
     return NULL;
@@ -915,8 +918,9 @@ static PyMethodDef value_object_methods[] = {
   { "cast", valpy_cast, METH_VARARGS, "Cast the value to the supplied type." },
   { "dereference", valpy_dereference, METH_NOARGS, "Dereferences the value." },
   { "type", valpy_type, METH_NOARGS, "Return type of the value." },
-  { "string", valpy_string, METH_VARARGS,
-    "Return Unicode string representation of the value." },
+  { "string", (PyCFunction) valpy_string, METH_VARARGS | METH_KEYWORDS,
+    "string ([encoding] [, errors]) -> string\n\
+Return Unicode string representation of the value." },
   {NULL}  /* Sentinel */

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