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Re: New branch for Fedora 11 merges

>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Seitz <> writes:

Keith> Yes, it will be a huge amount of work to extract small, digestible
Keith> pieces for submitting upstream. Then again, when it comes to upstream
Keith> GDB, everything is a huge amount of work anyway. It's part of the
Keith> price we pay for the decisions we've made.

If it is cheaper to do things some other way, or gets us better
results, we can change how we operate.  I'm adamant about a set of
values (e.g., openness & transparency) and a set of outcomes (quality,
performance, meeting users' needs), but not so much any particular way
of getting there.

Keith> Once again, this is an artifact of our development model, which
Keith> appears (to me) to have its problems. [Hint: Are we going to
Keith> have to allocate resources for one person to continually merge
Keith> "features/fixes" (branches) into a "release branch"?]

Yeah, we'll need someone to do the merge whenever we're in a window
for a release, which probably means every 6 months.  Some of this work
will be shared: the master->feature merges before the big release
merges, in particular.

I do think we should be submitting things upstream as we are able,
because this will keep a lid on our costs over the long haul.  "As we
are able" just means when a feature are ready and when we have a
convenient hole in our schedule to do the work of submitting.


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