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Re: [python] Crash when using generators with Python 2.4

Hi Paul,

Now that the pretty-printer registration patch is merged locally, I've decided to pick up this task:

Sorry for the delay on this. I was out sick all last week.

Paul> While attempting to verify that I didn't introduce any leaks,
Paul> I've discovered quite a few existing ones :-(
Paul> Has anyone tested pretty printers under Valgrind?

Not that I know of.
One more thing for Phil to look at :-)

Before I start, I'm curious what you were observing? Do you have any data that you can publish on this? (Was it just in the pretty-printer code you observed leaks, Python in general, GDB .. etc). I did run Valgrind's memcheck on archer-tromey-python and it did record some leaks. Alas it also recorded different quantities of leaks without the pretty-printer code loaded, and even without any Python enabled code at all. So there's a bit of noise. Anyway, just thought I would note I'll be looking at this.




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