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Re: [python] [rfc] Patch for pretty-printers registration API change

Tom Tromey wrote:
This patch is ok with the above changes.

Thanks. I updated the changes as requested. I have now checked the patch into archer-tromey-python. I have closed the archer-pmuldoon-pretty-printers-lookup branch and updated the wiki to indicate its closed status. One small note before we sign off on this ...

Phil> I elected propagation. I was not terribly sure in the CLI case if I
Phil> should start applying the gdb error () and gdbpy_print_stack () inside
Phil> apply_val_pretty_printer () .. or allow the error to propagate
Phil> further. I elected to let them continue as that was the case
Phil> beforehand. We can easily change this. What do you think?

I think it is probably fine to just print the exception trace and
continue here.

I was unsure of what you meant here. In the code, I elected to check for an exception within the "done" section of apply_val_pretty_printer; if one had occurred, I dumped stack and continued. If this is not what you meant we can change it.



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