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Status on Fedora merge branch

Hi all,

Well, I was not told to merge any other branches, so here is the list of branches that now exist in "archer-rmoseley-f11-merge":

Phil's patch for exceptions

So, whoever is going to do merges can do whatever else needs to be done. If it each person wants to do their own, that might be a way to go. I just did a fresh checkout of the branch and a "make check" and it seems to be OK.

I am sending a copy of a log I generated as I merged the branches to Jan, Tom and Eric and they can pass it along to whomever might need it.. This log contains what the "git pull" generated when it merged each branch and also the results of the "make check" that I performed after each merge. Each series of "merge/make check"s is delimited by a double row of *'s which surround the name of the next branch that was merged.

I have enjoyed working with all of you on the archer project. I hope our paths cross in the future as I will continue to work in the Linux/open source communities, but mainly as a consumer this time. Thanks to everyone for all of the help they have given me over the years.

Take care,


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