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Re: Meeting 2009-02-11

Thiago> There's one thing which I wanted to talk about last week, but I forgot:
Thiago> having a ChangeLog vs not having a ChangeLog in the branches, in
Thiago> particular in the python branch. Can we talk about this tomorrow (or
Thiago> today, in my case)?

We talked about this today.

Since using the normal ChangeLog file makes merges hard, we will stop
putting entries into this file.

For the Python branch I think we decided to stop adding to the
ChangeLog file, but instead to write the same text into the git commit
message.  This makes it simpler for Thiago to cherry-pick commits and
prepare patches for upstream.

For other branches, we didn't see any reason to mandate a particular
approach.  You can either use "ChangeLog.something", or just stick
with git commits -- though if you do the latter, please be careful to
write good entries.

"Someone" will update the archer branch management wiki page to
document the approach taken by each branch.  What this means is that
this someone (me?  Maybe later today) will add a new column to the
table, and then everybody will update the page to document their


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