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Re: GDB and typedefs

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
>>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Blandy <> writes:
> Jim> Here's the odd part.  If one prints a variable or the value of a
> Jim> function declared to have type 'jsval', this works fine.  But if one
> Jim> casts a value to 'jsval' in GDB, say:
> Jim>   (gdb) print (jsval) 16
> Just FYI -- Phil is working on changing the printer lookup code so
> that we don't look at type names any more.  Instead, we'll just call a
> sequence functions with the Value, and the first function to return a
> printer will win.  A function is still free to look at the type name,
> but it could also look at other things -- this will let us solve the
> problem of pretty-printing tagless structs, and also the problem of
> having a single printer work for all subclasses of a given class.

That sounds good.  I guess at some point someone will complain about
how long it takes to look through hundreds of pretty-printers, but
Archer can cross that bridge when it gets there.

But --- this wouldn't help in the case in the original post, would it?
 The name 'jsval' is the only indication I have that this integral
value should be treated specially.  If I don't have that name, I can't
do anything.

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