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Re: Archer functionality in Fedora 11

>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Moseley <> writes:

Rick>    archer-tromey-delayed-symfile

I merged master to this branch just now.

Rick> Please make sure you have these branches in as good a shape as you
Rick> want them as I will be merging them in the next few days.  If you have
Rick> something to add to your branch, let me know and I will hold off
Rick> merging it until you give the go ahead.  I will be using the
Rick> archer-tromey-python as the base branch for the merge and all other
Rick> branches will be merged in with this.

Are you planning to do any merges after this one?
Or is this the last?

I have one concern about what we are ready to ship right now, which is
that we want to change pretty-printer lookup before GDB 7.0, and I
think it would be best to ship something compatible in F11.  So, this
work must be completed ASAP.

Also, today I was wondering whether we want to consider the charset
branch for inclusion, and also Daniel's patch for debugging inlined


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