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Re: Archer functionality in Fedora 11

Hi Rick,

please include also archer-jankratochvil-misc as since Archer start I commit
there changes that would go directly to Rawhide before.  For example at least
these two will soon be required to be present in Fedora to satisfy RHEL
8ee641b3bf2b6c38f2eaa06647e33e1984c9b4f3 Fortran `info common'
734c271da2f52d48a5f8a479d35ba86812950c96 Fortran `logical (kind=8)'

On Wed, 28 Jan 2009 20:48:21 +0100, Rick Moseley wrote:
> Please make sure you have these branches in as good a shape as you want  
> them as I will be merging them in the next few days.  

It would be nice if everyone could update his branch against `master' to make
Rick's life easier.

> If you have something to add to your branch, let me know and I will hold off
> merging it until you give the go ahead.  

archer-jankratochvil-vla currently (still? it is a new FSF GDB testcase) has
a regression on `gdb.base/miscexprs.exp'.  To be fixed in the close days.

> I will be using the  archer-tromey-python as the base branch for the merge
> and all other  branches will be merged in with this.

When thinking about it you should "base" (the current branch you have checked
out when you call `git branch') it IMO from `master'.  As otherwise it would
mean you should also `git-rebase' for archer-tromey-python but `git-merge' (or
`git-pull') for other branches and the GIT changelog would be out of the
chronological order.

Whether you initially start the branch from `master' and do one clean
`git-merge' or create the branch off some other branch probably does not have
any effect on the result (does it?).

Probably not important, just thinking about branches equality. :-)


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