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Re: [Archer] Merging lessons

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

Jan> I find unclear not where but even what should be maintained as Archer
Jan> changelogs:

Jan> As Archer is based on the continuously changing FSF GDB and the
Jan> FSF changelogs are detailed enough to require an update on many
Jan> merge conflict cases I find them difficult to maintain and use
Jan> only the single sentence patch goal.  FSF changelog I create only
Jan> at the point of submitting it for FSF GDB.

Yeah.  Maintaining a ChangeLog entry over time is a real pain.

Jan> In fact I find Tom also does the same sometimes, such as for
Jan>   3ba4f9e029fb84916f6e16a4d4dfd941796669ce
Jan>   fix off-by-one error when concatenating strings

On the charset branch I've been experimenting with a different
approach -- writing a big ChangeLog entry and then updating it as I
make changes.  I can't really recommend it.

Jan> Should Archer submit a full FSF changelog history of the branch
Jan> being checked-in FSF GDB or just the final patch changes?  Or
Jan> should be maintained the FSF changelog style for Archer and then
Jan> written a new FSF changelog entry for the FSF GDB merge?

I think next time I am going to just have a separate ChangeLog.branch
on my branch, and then rewrite it into a single ChangeLog whenever I
push upstream.


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