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Re: Merging lessons

Tom Tromey wrote:
"Rick" == Rick Moseley <> writes:

Rick> 2) Do a rebase at least once a week

I'd prefer people merge from master, rather than rebase.  IIUC,
rebasing doesn't work too well in a shared repository, but merging

I will endeavor to merge more frequently.

To anybody who does a future topic->release merge, please feel free to
harangue people into doing their master->topic merges as the right

Rick> The configure files rank right up there, IMHO, with ChangeLog as
Rick> being difficult to merge, make sure you have the latest version
Rick> before making any changes.

We can treat the generated files as outputs -- you don't have to merge
them at all, just regenerate them by running the tools.
I should have been more specific here. As Jan pointed out in the meeting Wednesday you can regenerate the "configure" files. What I was referring to here were the files that create the "configure" and "Makefile" files such as "configure.*", "Makefile.*", and "*.m4" files. Some of these files are pretty large and get cumbersome quickly.
What I do is download the proper auto* versions from, then
install them into a fresh directory.  Then I put the new $prefix/bin
in my $PATH whenever I need to run auto* on gdb.

It is pretty important to get the exact upstream version -- the tools
are version-sensitive and even if your distro does happen to package
that version, there is a fair chance there is an output-affecting
distro-specific patch in there.


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