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Re: [Archer] Merging lessons

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

>> 3)  We need some policy on ChangeLogs.
>> I haven't seen a ChangeLog merge yet that went smoothly.  Using git 
>> to "attempt" to merge
>> the files produces a file that is most painful to merge.

Joel> What we do at AdaCore is use our own ChangeLog file (ChangeLog.GNAT
Joel> FWIW).  Similarly, when I work on my own personal branch, I sometimes
Joel> use my own ChangeLog file called whatever. However, now that I'm using
Joel> git more and more often, I've found the use of ChangeLogs to simply
Joel> be redundant and limitative - I just put the ChangeLog entry as my
Joel> revision history, and git is fast enough to produce a "ChangeLog"
Joel> on the fly... This worked really well for me while I was trying
Joel> to contribute the changes for 64bit Windows.

We should pick one of these and go with it.

At the moment I don't think I have a preference.  My main concerns are
that we have decent change logging, and that we reduce the pain of
merging.  Either of these seems to fit the bill.

Someone want to make a proposal?


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