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Re: [python] Trivial filename check in python/lib/gdb/command/

Tom Tromey wrote:
Phil> (pg-gdb) save breakpoints
Phil> Traceback (most recent call last):
Phil>  File
Phil> "/home/pmuldoon/python/archer/gdb/python/lib/gdb/command/",
Phil> line 45, in invoke
Phil>    raise RuntimeError, 'No filename specified'
Phil> RuntimeError: No filename specified
Phil> Error occurred in Python command.

We really ought to add a new exception type so that commands don't
print all this stack trace goo for "ordinary" errors. That is, if a
command throws an exception of that type, we would suppress the stack
trace (unless the user really asked for it somehow).

Yeah the goo is ugly and detracts from the message in the case of a straight up communication.

I guess this brings us back to the bugzilla situation, since
ordinarily I'd just file a bug for this.

Ditto for watchpoints not being handled in save breakpoints.

This needs a ChangeLog entry, but is otherwise ok to go.  Just write
one and check it all in, no need to send another message.

I cannot find any ChangeLogs from the python/ directory down in the archer-tromey-python branch. I assumed the Python stuff did not use them, or my git checkout is borked? Do you have ChangeLogs in your tree?



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