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Merging fun again

Hi Sergio, Tom:

I did a re-merged the archer-tromey-python and archer-sergio-syscall-catch branches (with a few difficulties, funny how git seemed to work different between an x86 and an x86_64 machine, but that's another email) and I have checked this into the archer-rmoseley-demo-merge-2 branch. The purpose was to get the latest and greatest stuff both of you guys have checked in. Unfortunately, after the mere and fixing a few problems I am back to square one again with *almost* the same problem as the original merge. The "make check" hits a test and gdb eats up all of memory and hard locks the system. Here is the output I am seeing when the system locks up:

Running ../.././gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/powerpc-prologue.exp ...
Running ../.././gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/ppc-dfp.exp ...
Running ../.././gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/ppc-fp.exp ...
Running ../.././gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/ppc64-atomic-inst.exp ...
Running ../.././gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/spu-info.exp ...
Running ../.././gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/thumb-prologue.exp ...
Running ../.././gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/vsx-regs.exp ...
FAIL: gdb.base/a2-run.exp: (timeout) run "run" with arg.
FAIL: gdb.base/a2-run.exp: (timeout) run "run" again with same args

I'm not sure if this is a real bug or a merge problem is why I posted it here. It may be something very similar to last time. One of the conflicts from the merge was this structure in breakpoint.c:

static const enum bpstat_what_main_action
   table[(int) class_last][(int) BPSTAT_WHAT_LAST] =
 /*                              old action */
 /*       kc    ss    sn    sgl    slr   clr   sr   shl
/*no_effect */
   {kc, ss, sn, sgl, slr, clr, sr, shl, kc},
/*wp_silent */
   {ss, ss, sn, ss, ss, ss, sr, shl, ss},
/*wp_noisy */
   {sn, sn, sn, sn, sn, sn, sr, shl, sn},
/*bp_nostop */
   {sgl, ss, sn, sgl, slr, slr, sr, shl, sgl},
/*bp_silent */
   {ss, ss, sn, ss, ss, ss, sr, shl, ss},
/*bp_noisy */
   {sn, sn, sn, sn, sn, sn, sr, shl, sn},
/*long_jump */
   {slr, ss, sn, slr, slr, err, sr, shl, slr},
/*long_resume */
   {clr, ss, sn, err, err, err, sr, shl, clr},
/*step_resume */
   {sr, sr, sr, sr, sr, sr, sr, sr, sr},
/*shlib */
   {shl, shl, shl, shl, shl, shl, sr, shl, shl},
/* entry_breakpoint */
   {entrybp, entrybp, entrybp, entrybp, entrybp, entrybp, sr, entrybp,

So, any ideas here?



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