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Re: Frames as scopes

Doug> Another way to go is to have wrappers that simplify common operations
Doug> as part of some utility library (or some such).  Low level api
Doug> routines shouldn't be too clever.

Jim> Sure, okay.  Putting as much logic in the interpreted language as
Jim> practical seems smart.

I've sort of been assuming that the gdb-specific library of Python
code won't always be available, but that users would still like to
have some kind of scripting available in this situation.  E.g.,
someone may copy the gdb executable to a different machine.

Today that seems absurd to me, though.  As long as gdb doesn't just
immediately die, that is good enough.

Anyway... the direction my thoughts have been headed for the built-in
API is that it should be a reasonable API on its own.

There are other approaches -- there's the "SWT approach", which is to
make the glue layer as thin as possible and then do everything in the
higher level language.

I don't think there's a deep reason to prefer one or the other.  There
are plenty of examples of successful projects using either.  I just
tend to prefer not having a separate thin, low-level API that must be
explained as well.


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