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Re: any plans to support gfortran?

On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 05:32:36 +0100, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > On Thu, 18 Dec 2008 20:21:57 +0100, Mathew Yeates wrote:
> > > Using gdb for gfortran compiled f90 code kinda sucks.
> > FWIW, I know Jan has done some work making Fortran support a bit
> > better.

Support for allocated/associated arrays and also referenced strings is
implemented in the Archer branch archer-jankratochvil-vla.
gdb.fortran/dynamic.exp gdb.fortran/string.exp

More correct support for common blocks for `info common' is implemented as
a part of archer-jankratochvil-misc (single commit 8ee641b3).

Currently there is still unimplemented modules importing, tracker at:
It should be based on the C++-targeted archer-swagiaal-using-directive branch.

Pointing out any missing Fortran support parts is sure appreciated.

For simplicity all is being merged to: archer-rmoseley-demo-merge

> However, I think that the status was that some patches were submitted
> for Fortran support. I particularly remember one series to help with
> arrays. Unfortunately, they lingered for a while. Eventually, I agreed
> to review them if an updated version was posted. I think one of them
> eventually got checked in.  Not sure about the rest.

There were committed two parts but they were only cleaning up the generic code
still whichout any effect on Fortran:

I will send next part(s) these days, thanks for the review offer.


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