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Re: now what?

>>>>> "Mathew" == Mathew Yeates <> writes:

Mathew> okay I followed the instructions for getting archer and the python
Mathew> branch. I configured and built. Now what? I tried running gdb on my
Mathew> executable but  ....
Mathew> I finally got to a place where I got a message saying "Python
Mathew> scripting is not supported in this copy of GDB.".

You need the Python devel packages before you build.  On Fedora you
can "yum install python-devel".  I don't know what to do on other

After that you have to reconfigure and rebuild -- it is most reliable
just to do a fresh build.

If you're on Debian, you can install the python-enabled gdb directly
somehow.  I don't know how, though.  And I don't know how frequently
it is updated.

Mathew> How do I join the mailing list?

Ugh, that is obscure.  Sorry about that!  I will update the wiki.

Meanwhile, go to this page and fill out the form.  It is near the
middle of the page:

The mailing list name is "archer".

Mathew> Is there a manual somewhere that describes how to use
Mathew> scripting?

Most of the Python API is documented in the gdb manual.  It is in the
source tree in gdb/doc.  If you have texi2html installed (bizarrely, I
don't seem to) you can "make html".  There are a few other available
output formats too, e.g. "make pdf"; whether they work depends on what
documentation tools you have installed.

I also wrote an intro-to-gdb-scripting in my blog.  Start here:


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