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Re: kudos and suggestions

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <> writes:

Graydon> - Separate hooks for pretty-printing a node in "summary" and "full"
Graydon> modes.

Tom> I'll look at the summary idea, though.  I do think we need to do
Tom> something here.  I've also been thinking that we need an "array"
Tom> display_hint, so that gdb can apply its various array-printing
Tom> parameters.

I added the "array" display hint.

I've also looked at the stack trace issue.  gdb offers limited control
over stack printing.  You can "set print frame-arguments" to a few
values, none of which helps much in this case.

One lurking problem is that the stack printing code tries to disable
the dereferencing of references -- but the python bits ignore this.
Worse, both these decisions are intentional.

I'm thinking about adding a new flag in struct value_print_options to
handle the stack frame case.  In a non-"full" backtrace, we would set
this flag.  Then the python code could know to print a summary of the
value rather than the full thing... e.g., perhaps just print the
to_string output, possibly with "...".

If anybody has a contrary opinion about this, now would be a good time
to raise it.


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