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Re: [python][rfc] rename getter function and methods

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

Thiago> Here are the patches which implement the renaming I mentioned earlier.
Thiago> In some cases, I changed the code from a getter method to an object
Thiago> attribute. In other cases, I just stripped the "get_" prefix. I also
Thiago> renamed the functions in C to try to keep some consistency.

Thanks for doing this.

Thiago> I only changed from method to attribute in cases where the value is
Thiago> trivially obtained or computed from GDB's internal structure, and also
Thiago> only if the value can't change from one read of the attribute to the
Thiago> next (i.e., change behind the python script's back). So, for cases when
Thiago> GDB has to do non-trivial computation (or even an access to inferior
Thiago> memory), I kept it as a method. Also, if the value can change over time,
Thiago> I kept it as a method.

Sounds reasonable.

Thiago> I didn't commit anything since these patches will break existing scripts
Thiago> (they adapt the scripts which are committed in the repository, though),
Thiago> so posting as RFC first.

In this case it is nice to have a chance to comment first.
In general though it is too early for us to worry about API
stability.  Anybody using this branch ought to be aware of this.


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