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Re: [python] rename get_value_from_history, maybe others as well

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

Thiago> I've been naming "getters" as get_blah, but I'm not sure if
Thiago> it's useful, and if I should just name them as blah.

I have been thinking this same thing the past few days.

Thiago> So one option would be to make methods which are really
Thiago> attribute getters (Like Frame's get_name, get_pc, get_prev,
Thiago> get_next and others) just an attribute (so you would type "pc
Thiago> = a_frame.pc" instead of "pc = a_frame.get_pc () )

Sounds good.

Thiago> (I didn't look up yet if its possible to define builtins from
Thiago> Python's C binding).

Yeah -- we already do this to implement Parameter.value.

I don't know if it is possible to implement module-scoped things this
way.  E.g., can we turn 'gdb.get_current_objfile()' into

Thiago> Another option would be to keep them as explicit methods, but
Thiago> remove the get_ prefix to make it more concise. Another option
Thiago> would be to keep the get_ prefix.

I think we can consider it case-by-case, with the default being that
argument-less setters should be properties and not methods.

Thiago> Any opinions? Is this just a nit of mine and I should not worry?

I would like us to ship an excellent API, and now is the best time to
fix it.

I've also been thinking that we need an "Inferior" class; then methods
like get_threads and get_objfiles would become methods of this.


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