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Re: PR 2488 status and some unwinder questions

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 11:39:31AM +0000, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> However requiring GCC debug-info to be installed for correct operation
> of C++ debugging in GDB is a bit of a non-starter. So bit disappointed
> there. I could ask for uw_install_context(_1) to be exported. Is there a
> strong case for/against? Is there another place where we can intercept
> the context change before it happens, and mine the data for the context
> change location? Or is this (breakpoint in the unwinder) just the wrong
> approach?

FWIW, I would be a lot happier if you could do this using the
ABI-defined names.  uw_install_context is an internal detail of the
GCC implementation.  Other vendor compilers using the C++ ABI will
still have _Unwind_RaiseException, but will not have

We ought to be able to step until the exit of _Unwind_RaiseException.
That's what we tried to do for longjmp but unfortunately we ran into
some problems keeping track of the frame once we start restoring.
Pedro might have more ideas...  I was thinking we could detect some
"epilogue-like" sequences when stepping out of a function.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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