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freshly-cut python patches


I've just "ported" the old python-patches branch from gitorious into the
archer-bauermann-python-patches branch in the archer repo. It currently
contains all commits up to and including 6219c396... (which is from almost
two weeks ago) neatly separated into patches (almost, but not quite. There
are a few things I'm not sure of yet).

I have a newer version of the branch locally, which contains all commits up
to today. Unfortunately I wasn't able to push it yet, since I believe the
repo isn't configure to support forced pushs (could you help with this,

Anyway, I plan to use this branch in the same way I used its previous
incarnation in gitorious: it's read-only for everybody except me. Due to
the history-rewriting nature of the patch-cutting workflow, the only way to
update the branch is with push -f, and it simplifies things a lot if I can
assume that noone else updated the branch since my last push.

If you don't like this, I'm open to suggestions of better approaches.

I'll update the wiki accordingly.
Thiago Jung Bauermann
IBM Linux Technology Center

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