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Re: using directive patch

On Mon, 08 Sep 2008 17:15:24 +0200, Sami Wagiaalla wrote:
>> I expect that after fixing this GCC Bug the testcase included below (*1) will
>> fail due to the line `using_directives = NULL;' in finish_block() - IMO it
>> should restore (not reset) the original using-directives context.  Due to the
>> GCC Bug the GDB Bug is not reproducible.
> Come to think of it I dont think that the line `using_directives =  
> NULL;' is needed in finish_block(), but but I thought that the context  
> is restored by the caller in this case, as the caller is the one who  
> 'pops' the context (like the line 'using_directives =  
> new->using_directives;' in read_func_scope). Same should be done for  
> read_lexical_block_scope. Is this correct ?

I do not want to comment more without having a right DWARF at hand (either by
fixed GCC PR 37410 or fixed up for one testcase by hand).

Roughly I think using_directives should be rather updatedalready in
pop_context().  Moreover the variables local_symbols, param_symbols and
using_directives should be replaced by direct references to current
context_stack[context_stack_depth] (as suggested by Tom T.).  But such cleanup
I find as an unrelated patch (which this namespaces fix may make sense to have
dependent on).


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