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Estimates for gdb bugzillas

Hi all,

Here are some *really* rough estimates on some of the bugs I have gleaned out of the gdb bz data base. Not being familiar with the gdb code base yet, I welcome any ideas/comments/corrections if anyone feels I am way off base. The granularity I am using is one month. Also, being a newbie to gdb I will estimate based on this experience instead of someone more "gdb-experienced".

As for these bz's:

1111 - ptype prints return value for constructors in templated classes

1112 - can't breakpoint in destructor

1113 - ptype claims that destructors take an int arg

After a conversation with Sami/Keith on our weekly call yesterday, it sounds like these may be resolved with a patch Daniel has pending. So, I'll wait until his patch goes in and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't, I'll estimate then.

This bug:

1593 - problem with nested namespaces

appears to be fixed in HEAD.

For bz 1734 (gdb does not store an empty class) I would guesstimate about a month for this if it is indeed a gdb problem. It may take some more digging to be sure it is and not a gcc problem. If anyone knows more, please jump in.

For bz 1783/2271/2273(all seem to be same - gdb can't lookup class typedef when in methods of class) I will guesstimate about 2 months for this, again hoping this is only a gdb bug and does not require mods to gcc to implement. The ominous note left by Jim Ingham("Not sure how to fix this without breaking other legitimate cases of namespace lookup, however"), a highly knowledgeable and well-known gdb hacker, makes me think this could open a real can of worms.

For bz 1817(double-colon not understood in typecast ) I would guesstimate about a month, although I would hope it could be done in less.

There are also a couple of bugs in the gcc data base(7932 - Emit debug information about non-type templates, 30161 - gcc should generate dwarf info about templates) that popped up that are still open. Until we actually run into gdb bugs that look like they require these fixes we will raise their priority.

All comments/suggestions/ideas welcome.



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