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Re: Meeting Agenda 2008-08-27

Here is a quick summary of what I wrote down.
Please add/correct as appropriate.


Worked on fixing namespace failures. Investigation lead to the fact that we are relying on linkage name which is missing in the failing cases.

On list Daniel mentioned that he has a patch that works by constructing the fully qualified names for the symbols. This should fix the above problems.


Investigated gdb failing to insert break points at constructors and destructor's. The problem is again the function symbols not being found due to reliance on linkage_name which is not emitted for these functions.

Phil, Cagney, Tom,



looking at gdb c++ ptype bugs, specifically 1112, 1113.

Keith mention possible relations to lookup, and parsing bugs.

Example, foo::foo which is parsed as TYPE_NAME COLONCOLON TYPE_NAME


Has catch syscall working. gdb stops as expected.
Currently working on retrieving syscall number expects that to be done by Friday.
Next, translating syscall number to syscall name, and syscall arguments

He has a working patch being reviewed by Thiago, and is working on a detailed estimate for the task. Rough estimate mid Sept.

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