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Re: GDB gnats: c++ bugs

Jan Kratochvil wrote:
On Wed, 27 Aug 2008 15:08:19 +0200, Rick Moseley wrote:
Rick Moseley wrote:
Jan Kratochvil wrote:
When you are at it there are also:
KFAIL: gdb.cp/templates.exp: constructor breakpoint (PRMS: gdb/1062)
KFAIL: gdb.cp/templates.exp: destructor breakpoint (PRMS: gdb/1112)
1593 - problem with nested namespaces
This appears to be fixed in current versions of gcc(4.1.2-33) and gdb(6.6-45).

(1) IMO for Archer only upstream HEAD is relevant as it was decided it will not be based on the RH/F patchset. If your answer means it is not fixed in HEAD but it is fixed in RH/F is it a request for a port and/or rework it? (I do not remember such fix in the RH/F patchset.)

    For example I referred PR gdb/1062 and PR gdb/1112 above which are already
    fixed in RH/F but it is a hack (ported Jeff Johnston's patchset) so
    I expect Archer should get a possibly upstreamable variant of the fix

(2) gdb-6.6-45 is neither from RHEL nor from any recent Fedora.
Yeah, I am aware that this is fixed in HEAD, I am just for now trying to find what bugs that are listed in the gnats gdb bugzilla data base that are fixed in HEAD. If they are and are not fixed in RH/F patchsets we want to identify those and need to figure out why they are not there. Thanks for the info about this particular one not being in the RH/F version of gdb, that's one less I have to investigate. :) If you have any info concerning what the status of the other listed bugs versus RH/F it would be most appreciated.

Thanks for responding Jan.


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