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Re: GDB gnats: c++ bugs

Jan Kratochvil wrote:
Hi Sami,

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008 17:14:19 +0200, Sami Wagiaalla wrote:
There are more bugs of course but these are the ones I'll be looking at for now.

When you are at it there are also:
KFAIL: gdb.cp/templates.exp: constructor breakpoint (PRMS: gdb/1062)
KFAIL: gdb.cp/templates.exp: destructor breakpoint (PRMS: gdb/1112)
Tom had me do a search of the gdb bugzilla for all C++ bugs with "ptype" errors and 1112 popped up on that list. I'm also looking at the following to verify they are all still valid since most were posted > 3 years ago:

1111 - ptype prints return value for constructors in templated classes

1112 - can't breakpoint in destructor

1113 - ptype claims that destructors take an int arg

1593 - problem with nested namespaces

1734 - gdb does not store an empty class

1783/2271/2273(all seem to be same) - gdb can't lookup class typedef when in methods of class
*NOTE - Jim Ingham filed 1783 with a lot of detail and leaves this ominous note:
"Not sure how to fix this without breaking other legitimate cases of namespace lookup, however"

1817 - double-colon not understood in typecast

There are also a couple of bugs in the gcc data base concerning gdb:

7932 - Emit debug information about non-type templates

30161 - gcc should generate dwarf info about template.

I have worked through all of the gdb bugs, except 1593, verifying they are all still around. I have yet to look at the gcc ones, not sure yet if there is any connection between those 2 and some of gdb bugs.

I'll try to come up with "finger in the breeze" estimates tomorrow.


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