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Re: Interpretation of DW_AT_external

While GCC does use a somewhat different convention for DW_AT_external than
other compilers, this seems clearly correct; A::a is a globally
visible name.  Why shouldn't 'a' be found in the global scope?  Or do
you mean that 'a' with no 'A::' is found?

Yes I meant 'a' without 'A::', but it looks like that is not found. Which is the correct behaviour.

However, I am trying to construct a kind of "block" object from namespaces so that cp_lookup_symbol_namespace can look inside them instead of concatenating the expression elements and doing a global search. And that function ends up putting the variable in the global scope instead of my object.

The name in GDB's symbol table will be "A::a".

Is this because the linkage_name is used ?.. I am trying to not depend on linkage_name. There are situations where A::a is visible as just a, or if it was enclosed in another namespace B it would be B::A::a.

Btw I should have mention on this earlier on this list but I am investigation test failures that I am getting with the namespace test in gdb test suit.


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