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Re: adding support for ptype to MI

Keith Seitz wrote:

I'm afraid I don't understand what the problem is. Varobj certainly provides a hierarchical view of variables, and that includes type information.

Is that developers want just type information (e.g., for a type browser/inspector kind of thing)? In which case I would expect "-var-create - * (TYPE)0" to work. Alas, I see that is now broken.

There are times where you don't necessarily want to resort to varobjs.

For instance, if I can parse the result of "-data-evaluate-expression <variable-name>" _quickly enough_, using it incurs less latency than using varobjs. At the end of that, that results into a snappier UI for the user. And to me, that's a feature.

Also, as varobjs have to be managed per frame - you have to delete them when you leave a frame and that obliges you to send MI commands each time you enter a new frame anyway - they obliges the client to do book keeping. At least in the current versions of GDB that are shipped on most distros.

So quickly doing -data-evaluate-expression <variable-name> does have its need. Similarly, the hypothetical -data-print-type <variable-name> that I'd like to see has its need as well.

I am not saying that varobjs are useless. But I think being able to print the type of a variable, fully, and get the result as a serialized object can be very very useful.



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