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Re: uw_install_context() and GDB

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Phil Muldoon <> writes:
>> I take your point well. But if these are user-written destructors, and
>> they are being executed on the journey to the exception handler,
>> shouldn't "next" return control here? There is a little bit of
>> irony. In a conversation I was having recently, I was making a case of
>> "next" over a throw always returning control at the corresponding
>> "catch", and ignoring the destructors. I changed my mind when it was
>> suggested that significant and important work relevant to the code a
>> user has written happen in destructors. But quite right, I glossed
>> over this, and should make room for conversation on it.
> I agree that "next" over a function call that throws an exception past
> the current stack frame should ideally stop in a user written
> destructor.  It shouldn't stop for destructors in functions below the
> current stack frame.

Thanks for the control illustration. I definitely agree that control 
should not be return in a destructor (if one exists) in an inner frame 
from the throw.



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