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Re: uw_install_context() and GDB

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 05:46:32PM +0100, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> The first was modifying the "next" command to place an  
> implementation-internal breakpoint in __cxa_begin_catch, and comparing  
> frames. (Is the frame  that "next"  was performed on  above the  
> current-frame? If so stop). But this method would skip any user-written  
> destructors in the _UA_CLEANUP_PHASE. If any user-written destructors  
> exist in the frame "next" was run on, or any frame inbetween that and the 
> exception-handler, then the inferior should be stopped there - at the 
> first one.  This would be the proper behaviour for "next".  Placing a 
> breakpoint in __cxa_begin_catch would skip those. So I do not think this 
> method is suitable.

I think you have to justify that assertion ("this would be the proper
behavior").  Why would it be?  They're like signal handlers or
function calls; breakpoints in them would stop the program, but I
don't see a reason "next" should see them.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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