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Re: Meeting Agenda 2008-08-13

Tom Tromey wrote:

Hi Tom.

Thanks for the write-up. I'll expand on this a bit:

* Phil wanted to know about building the gcc runtime libraries with
-g, and we also talked about the VTA branch a bit. He sent email
and I sent a response on this already.

I sent the following email last week. I think this defines (in my view) a start on the C++ exception problems, and provides a detailed status of what I've been up too:

Also it was a peer review request, and thanks very kindly to those folks who replied. While discussing this, I'd like to re-invite people to add comments, tell me if they think I am on the wrong track (or the right one ;)), or want to add anything else.

I'm currently researching the mechanics of uw_install_context in gcc to understand how program flow alteration occurs in the case of exceptions, so that I can estimate teaching GDB how to detect these flow changes. I think teaching GDB these mechanics will help, if not be the solution for gnats pr 2495 and gnats pr 2488. I've run into -O optimization issues when stepping through the many, many subroutines that are nested with in the uw_install_context logic path, so I need to re-build GCC so that I can correctly determine variable value and correct program logic.

I hope to have a rough estimate out before I leave on vacation for Snowdonia this week.



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