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Re: Meeting Agenda 2008-08-13

Tom> My agenda tomorrow:
Tom> 1. Welcome back, Eric.   This time for real.

Eric really is back.

Tom> 2. Individual status on estimates.

We discussed each task.  Everything appears to be on-track.  According
to my notes nobody is blocked on anything.  Some specific items came

* Sami, Keith -- I mentioned some specific c++ expression bugs I ran
  across in gdb gnats.  I was thinking specifically of bugs 827, 829,
  830, 831, and 838.  These cover some namespace things and Koenig
  lookup.  However, I know there are more, e.g. 911 (calling
  user-defined operators); just skimming the synopses of the c++ bugs
  in gnats shows others.  Also, I didn't see one that Daniel mentioned
  (you cannot call 'new' from gdb) in gnats at all.

* Phil wanted to know about building the gcc runtime libraries with
  -g, and we also talked about the VTA branch a bit.  He sent email
  and I sent a response on this already.

* I said I would send an estimate for the shared library stuff this

* Sergio said he is looking at syscall stuff, following some existing
  "catch" code in gdb.  He asked about looking at the existing patch.
  This patch can't go in because the author disappeared and there is
  no paperwork.  It is best not to read patches like this, to maintain
  deniability; this way if you come up with a patch that is similar to
  the existing one, you can still claim that you did not copy it.

* This was Teresa's last meeting, she is going back to school.  Good
  luck out there!

Tom> 3. MI task

We kicked this around a bit inconclusively.
Naturally nobody wanted to volunteer :)

Vladimir's email is very helpful.

If the task you are looking at has an MI component, please look at
that as part of your estimate.


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