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Re: gdb output for type information very verbose

>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Moseley <> writes:

Rick> (gdb) ptype s

Like Roland (and you :) said, maybe we need an option or a gdb setting
to control this.  I think we will always want a way to tell gdb
"please give me all the details", but the default can be

Note that "whatis" gives a shorter answer.  Maybe too short -- in one
test it gave me an answer which was not valid when I typed it back
in.  (In general I think it is nicer if gdb's output for expressions
and types is also valid input...)

I think one idea would be for these, by default, to try to emit type
names the way the user wrote them.  This means using typedef names,
omitting default template arguments, respecting 'using' declarations,
etc -- however it appears in the code.  Then, one question is whether
gcc emits enough information to achieve that.

Another idea is from Benjamin: somehow visually separate the data
members from the methods.  E.g., maybe methods should not be displayed
unless requested.


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