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Re: Meeting Agenda 2008-08-06

Tom Tromey wrote:
Not much information came out about when estimates will be ready, and
I didn't press for this.  Honestly I wonder if this estimation thing
is worth the effort -- comments?  On the one hand I think it is
important to know what we are trying to do, and have at least some
idea for how big these tasks are.  On the other hand, this task seems
vague and I don't want folks to feel bogged down; also I'd rather
avoid people having dead time.  So, what works for you

Estimates are good to have, they keep us (well me) honest, and establish a base-criteria for measuring progress. That being said, it's a very difficult task to create an accurate estimate when one does not have a thorough knowledge of the problem. Any estimate before this point will be inaccurate. Also an estimate has to be weighted to the person doing the work. Expert or Novice with GDB? I assume I will not be doing exception work, that I am just performing the investigation phase. I have nothing against fixing the eventual bugs - and probably will by default - but I don't want to preclude any other people from taking it if they feel they are better suited for it, or would work in partnership. Anyway I guess until I stop creating gnat's PR to cover the exception related bugs, it is just going to be a matter of time to come up with a task-based estimate.

And that is an ongoing process. Was hoping to tie the discovery phase up by today. But I am investigating a different case where GDB may lose control of an inferior in an exception (this time via step). I'll investigate and document that, and, well if it does not open-up other leads, I can begin to think on solutions to the bugs and test-cases I have filed in gnats. These are all bugs, and not features.



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