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Archer patch tester

In case you're interested, I've set up a patch tester for archer and
gdb.  It runs on the GCC Compile Farm:

The tester is open to anybody working on archer or gdb; if you want to
use it you will have to get a compile farm account.

The tester itself is a modified version of Sebastian Pop's GCC
tester.  I've attached this script in case anybody wants to run their
own patch tester somewhere.

The client side consists of two scripts -- mkdiff and submit-patch.

The first is a wrapper for "git diff" (more complicated than needed
since I based it on a similar script for GCC).  It makes a diff and
inserts some metadata; if you need special build flags you can provide
them at this point.

The second script copies a mkdiff-created patch to the compile farm.
After this step you will get a confirmation email; then once the
build/regression-test cycle is done you will get an email with the

Uploads to the tester are done using ssh.  Please be careful about
what patches you upload; in particular, don't upload untrusted



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