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Re: Tasks

Phil Muldoon wrote:
Tom Tromey wrote:
* Exceptions. Look at the existing longjmp stuff, come up with an
estimate for the new work. Also look at the current state of the
various "catch" commands, maybe look though gnats to see if anything
is known to be broken.
These are all widely reported as issues. Though one should note (quite rightly) that I know nothing about raising exception in C++ other than as "regular" C++ programmer, and know nothing about how they are handled in GDB right now. So my first question is why these limitations exist. And if they are fixable. I'll take a look at existing gnats pr's next week.

This ungainly gnat's url:

Contains all the C++ bugs. I'll look at them all in time, but another quick look at a search regarding exceptions (the feature exception does not have a category, alas) provides existing bugs:

Number:     932
Category:     c++
Synopsis:     GDB is not able to show parameters of catch block

Number: 1486
Category: win32
Synopsis: gdb for Win32 does not handle Microsoft C++ exceptions properly.

Number:     1414
Category:     java
Synopsis:     can't step through java exceptions

Number:     759
Category:     mi
Synopsis:     catch_exceptions() should update gdb stdout

So there must be more than this, or all our C++ programmer must be suffering in silence regarding exceptions. I'm guessing I need to be a better gnat searcher, or define a problem statement around existing exception support. Beyond the limitations expressed in the previous mail, are there known proven bugs? longjmp support?



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