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Re: Tasks

Phil Muldoon wrote:
Tom Tromey wrote:
* Froggy. IMO too early to start looking at this for gdb... Chris,
Phil, Roland -- do you agree?

Yes I think so. It's very early days for Froggy, and I'd like too see the beginnings of a test-suite to ascertain what parts of Froggy work/don't work/unimplemented first. I can try and help in that effort wherever I can. But building GDB around Froggy right now would be a frustrating way to solve Froggy bugs.

Yeah, froggy is a longish way from usable--as I've said, it's in sandbox mode at the moment. (Actually, it's flat on its back at the moment--switching to multiple tasks/fd caused a lot of locking issues: multiple tasks asynchronously pounding on a single communications channel. Never a lot of fun to deal with. Got most of it working, though--I was shooting for COB today, but my kid with the broken leg had the titanium nails holding femur together surgically removed this morning. Not a lot of fun there either.)




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