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Re: gdb-6.7-bz233852-attach-signalled-fix.patch

Roland> I hope one of the first orders of business, before the fancy stuff,
Roland> will be to feed all the work in the Fedora gdb that's not upstream
Roland> through the group's review and reconcile all that work into a branch
Roland> in the Archer project and unify the tracks of pushing fixes upstream.


Which reminds me, too, I should look at getting bugzilla set up.
I think we can just have a new 'archer' product in the sourceware
bugzilla; gdb will be there soon too.

Roland> Once the usage of git gets on its feet, I think it will make
Roland> sense to have a "reviewed fixes ready for upstream" branch
Roland> that forks from upstream and is what all the Archer project
Roland> branches for bigger and experimental items fork from.
Roland> Fedora's gdb will use this branch, and use ad hoc rpm patches
Roland> only for building quick fixes pending review.

I have not really thought much about how exactly we should manage
branches.  This plan sounds good to me.


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