DMRAID Event Processing


The DMRAID eventing packages supplied here give device mapper users the ability to monitor events generated by the device mapper raid kernel drivers. These packages enable event processing available for various raid levels: raid 0, raid 1, raid 4/5, and raid 10. When installed an event will be caught by the dmeventd daemon and sent for further processing within the libdmraid-events DSO. After processing an error there will be a syslog entry like the following:

Additionally, if sgpio handling is enabled in the kernel and the sgpio application installed, hdd leds will be used to indicate disk status.

Development Packages

There are no serious issues known to the developers at the moment but it is wise to treat this as you would any development code.

Here’s whats available:

One zip file containing a kernel driver patch for raid 4/5 enablement which can be found at the maintainers website:

Additional patch for RAID 5 events:

Tar packages packages that containing:

These "How To" are useful when setting up dmraid event monitoring:

Reporting Problems with DMRAID Eventing

DMRAID eventing is still under development and we appreciate your feedback and problem reports. Please send problem reports to the dm-devel & ataraid-list mailing lists, CC'ing adam.cetnerowski AT intel DOT com. When reporting bugs, please try to include the following information:

If we are unable to resolve your issue with this information, we may ask you to collect further details from the system to aid debugging.

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