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This web page is about the original version of LVM, included in many 2.4 kernels. There is no longer any active development on this project - only bug fixes. Current development is focussed on LVM2.


Tarballs of the source code releases are available from

Mailing lists

linux-lvm is the mailing list for any LVM-related questions and discussion.
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The list archives are at
The mailing list address is

Whenever the development source code repository is updated, email is sent to the lvm-cvs mailing list. This list is run using ezmlm.
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You can read the list archives at

Source code

To access the source code repository using CVS:
cvs -d login cvs
cvs -d checkout LVM
The password is cvs.

There is a web interface to CVS at


There are README, INSTALL files and man pages in the source package.

The LVM HOWTO is at

Related projects

LVM2, the new version of LVM: