The Guile not home page

This is not a home page for Guile. It is a temporary centralized collection of links for accessing various guile mailing lists or sources.

See the Guile home page for more information.


If you are not doing active development on Guile, you should get the latest official release.

You can access the development source tree a couple of different ways.

Anonymous CVS read-only access
  cvs -z 9 -d login
  {enter "anoncvs" as the password}
  cvs -z 9 -d co guile
Read-only web-based CVS access
You can use the cvsweb interface .

Mailing list

There are several mailing lists.

There are mbox-formatted archives of all of these available for download.

The form below makes subscribing or unsubscribing from these lists easy:

Mailing list:   Your e-mail address:
Digest version    

Bug database

Guile has a GNATS based bug database. Please submit a bug report if you've found a bug in Guile, or just browse over the database if you'd like to take a look at existing, reported bugs.

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