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22.8.2 Automatically loading thread debugging library

This feature is currently present only on GNU/Linux native hosts.

GDB reads in some cases thread debugging library from places specific to the inferior (see set libthread-db-search-path).

The special ‘libthread-db-search-path’ entry ‘$sdir’ is processed without checking this ‘set auto-load libthread-db’ switch as system libraries have to be trusted in general. In all other cases of ‘libthread-db-search-path’ entries GDB checks first if ‘set auto-load libthread-db’ is enabled before trying to open such thread debugging library.

Note that loading of this debugging library also requires accordingly configured auto-load safe-path (see Auto-loading safe path).

set auto-load libthread-db [on|off]

Enable or disable the auto-loading of inferior specific thread debugging library.

show auto-load libthread-db

Show whether auto-loading of inferior specific thread debugging library is enabled or disabled.

info auto-load libthread-db

Print the list of all loaded inferior specific thread debugging libraries and for each such library print list of inferior pids using it.