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This module provides a method for prompt value-substitution.

substitute_prompt (string)

Return string with escape sequences substituted by values. Some escape sequences take arguments. You can specify arguments inside “{}” immediately following the escape sequence.

The escape sequences you can pass to this function are:


Substitute a backslash.


Substitute an ESC character.


Substitute the selected frame; an argument names a frame parameter.


Substitute a newline.


Substitute a parameter’s value; the argument names the parameter.


Substitute a carriage return.


Substitute the selected thread; an argument names a thread parameter.


Substitute the version of GDB.


Substitute the current working directory.


Begin a sequence of non-printing characters. These sequences are typically used with the ESC character, and are not counted in the string length. Example: “\[\e[0;34m\](gdb)\[\e[0m\]” will return a blue-colored “(gdb)” prompt where the length is five.


End a sequence of non-printing characters.

For example:

substitute_prompt ("frame: \f, args: \p{print frame-arguments}")

will return the string:

"frame: main, args: scalars"