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This module provides a collection of utilities for working with pretty-printers.

PrettyPrinter (name, subprinters=None)

This class specifies the API that makes ‘info pretty-printer’, ‘enable pretty-printer’ and ‘disable pretty-printer’ work. Pretty-printers should generally inherit from this class.

SubPrettyPrinter (name)

For printers that handle multiple types, this class specifies the corresponding API for the subprinters.

RegexpCollectionPrettyPrinter (name)

Utility class for handling multiple printers, all recognized via regular expressions. See Writing a Pretty-Printer, for an example.

FlagEnumerationPrinter (name)

A pretty-printer which handles printing of enum values. Unlike GDB’s built-in enum printing, this printer attempts to work properly when there is some overlap between the enumeration constants. The argument name is the name of the printer and also the name of the enum type to look up.

register_pretty_printer (obj, printer, replace=False)

Register printer with the pretty-printer list of obj. If replace is True then any existing copy of the printer is replaced. Otherwise a RuntimeError exception is raised if a printer with the same name already exists.