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The GDB Python API provides classes, interfaces and functions to implement, register and manipulate xmethods. See Xmethods In Python.

An xmethod matcher should be an instance of a class derived from XMethodMatcher defined in the module gdb.xmethod, or an object with similar interface and attributes. An instance of XMethodMatcher has the following attributes:

Variable: name

The name of the matcher.

Variable: enabled

A boolean value indicating whether the matcher is enabled or disabled.

Variable: methods

A list of named methods managed by the matcher. Each object in the list is an instance of the class XMethod defined in the module gdb.xmethod, or any object with the following attributes:


Name of the xmethod which should be unique for each xmethod managed by the matcher.


A boolean value indicating whether the xmethod is enabled or disabled.

The class XMethod is a convenience class with same attributes as above along with the following constructor:

Function: XMethod.__init__ (self, name)

Constructs an enabled xmethod with name name.

The XMethodMatcher class has the following methods:

Function: XMethodMatcher.__init__ (self, name)

Constructs an enabled xmethod matcher with name name. The methods attribute is initialized to None.

Function: XMethodMatcher.match (self, class_type, method_name)

Derived classes should override this method. It should return a xmethod worker object (or a sequence of xmethod worker objects) matching the class_type and method_name. class_type is a gdb.Type object, and method_name is a string value. If the matcher manages named methods as listed in its methods attribute, then only those worker objects whose corresponding entries in the methods list are enabled should be returned.

An xmethod worker should be an instance of a class derived from XMethodWorker defined in the module gdb.xmethod, or support the following interface:

Function: XMethodWorker.get_arg_types (self)

This method returns a sequence of gdb.Type objects corresponding to the arguments that the xmethod takes. It can return an empty sequence or None if the xmethod does not take any arguments. If the xmethod takes a single argument, then a single gdb.Type object corresponding to it can be returned.

Function: XMethodWorker.get_result_type (self, *args)

This method returns a gdb.Type object representing the type of the result of invoking this xmethod. The args argument is the same tuple of arguments that would be passed to the __call__ method of this worker.

Function: XMethodWorker.__call__ (self, *args)

This is the method which does the work of the xmethod. The args arguments is the tuple of arguments to the xmethod. Each element in this tuple is a gdb.Value object. The first element is always the this pointer value.

For GDB to lookup xmethods, the xmethod matchers should be registered using the following function defined in the module gdb.xmethod:

Function: register_xmethod_matcher (locus, matcher, replace=False)

The matcher is registered with locus, replacing an existing matcher with the same name as matcher if replace is True. locus can be a gdb.Objfile object (see Objfiles In Python), or a gdb.Progspace object (see Progspaces In Python), or None. If it is None, then matcher is registered globally.

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