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30.4.1 Using JIT Debug Info Readers

Readers can be loaded and unloaded using the jit-reader-load and jit-reader-unload commands.

jit-reader-load reader

Load the JIT reader named reader, which is a shared object specified as either an absolute or a relative file name. In the latter case, GDB will try to load the reader from a pre-configured directory, usually libdir/gdb/ on a UNIX system (here libdir is the system library directory, often /usr/local/lib).

Only one reader can be active at a time; trying to load a second reader when one is already loaded will result in GDB reporting an error. A new JIT reader can be loaded by first unloading the current one using jit-reader-unload and then invoking jit-reader-load.


Unload the currently loaded JIT reader.