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E.18 Thread List Format

To efficiently update the list of threads and their attributes, GDB issues the ‘qXfer:threads:read’ packet (see qXfer threads read) and obtains the XML document with the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <thread id="id" core="0" name="name" handle="1a2b3c">
    ... description ...

Each ‘thread’ element must have the ‘id’ attribute that identifies the thread (see thread-id syntax). The ‘core’ attribute, if present, specifies which processor core the thread was last executing on. The ‘name’ attribute, if present, specifies the human-readable name of the thread. The content of the of ‘thread’ element is interpreted as human-readable auxiliary information. The ‘handle’ attribute, if present, is a hex encoded representation of the thread handle.